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Customs Compliance

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General Information

Per United States Customs regulations, all importers are required to acquire an Import Bond, which provides the necessary permissions to importers to clear their inbound cargo through U.S. Customs. Even if the goods are “Duty Free”, one of the two types of bonds must be in place before entry can be processed:

Import Compliance

SEB (Single Entry Bonds): If you are planning on importing a single shipment during any given year, a Single Entry Bond is an ideal option for your U.S. Customs import requirements. Just email our import team with this request a minimum of 10 business days prior to departure and we will be happy to assist you in acquiring this necessary document.

CB (Continuous Bonds): If you are planning on importing two or more containers per year, we recommend securing a Continuous Customs Bond for those imports. A Continuous Entry Bond can be secured within 5-7 business days and should be requested to our import team a minimum of 10 business days before cargo departure to ensure timely processing by customs. Export Compliance AES Filings: All exports from the U.S. are tracked and regulated by various government offices. This is done through the AES system. Our export team is trained and certified in filing your export with the appropriate government offices and will do so upon request for a minimal service fee. Title Validation: Title Validation for Self Propelled Vehicles: Self propelled vehicles can include, but are not limited to automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, off-road recreational vehicles, trucks, buses, tractors, motor homes, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment. Cargo Logistics International is able to assist you with getting the proper documentation and title validations completed for the export of self propelled vehicles. Below is a summary of the typical documents that you would need to provide us 15 days prior to departure for prompt customs processing.

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