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Export Document Introduction: Saudi Arabia

The Middle East’s largest country in sq. miles and second largest economy, Saudi Arabia, is a market that existing or up-and-coming exporters should play close attention to. Despite economic activity decelerating due to the ongoing cut in oil production, the outlook remains positive.  With economists agreeing that the government’s plan to diversify the Saudi economy away from oil will successfully boost growth in the longer term.

If you’re considering Saudi Arabia as an export destination, there are a few important things to be aware of:

  • The majority of goods imported into Saudi Arabia are subject to the SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization) Conformity Assessment Programme.
  • To clear through Saudi Customs, these imported goods must be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity, also known as a SASO CoC.  This CoC must have been issued by an authorised inspection agency.
  • All imported goods must carry a non-removable indication label stating origin. Read our recent blog on Country of Origin requirements.

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