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Loose Cargo

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General Information

Loose cargo, also known as breakbulk cargo, refers to shipments of goods that are not containerized and are transported on pallets, in bags, or as loose items that are loaded directly onto a vessel, truck, or other transportation mode. Loose cargo can be anything from construction materials like steel and lumber to agricultural products like grains and fruits. Loose cargo is handled differently from containerized cargo and requires specialized equipment and processes for loading and unloading. Loose cargo is often loaded and unloaded by crane or forklift and is usually secured to the vessel or truck using lashings, straps, or chains.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to shipping loose cargo


Overall, loose cargo is a good option for shippers who need to transport smaller quantities of goods and require greater flexibility in transportation planning. However, it may not be suitable for larger shipments or for cargo that is more susceptible to damage or theft.

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