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Sea Transportation

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General Information

Single point of contact: Shipping internationally can be a complex process. Here at Cargo Logistics International, we minimize the complexity by offering a single point of contact for your shipment to assist, update and relay relevant information to you directly throughout the shipment process.

CPS (Container Pipeline System): By offering a means to monitor all your shipments online 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year through our CPS (Container Pipeline System), you will always have real time access to see the status of your shipment and be able to anticipate more easily all major milestones between booking request and cargo delivery at destination. Our CPS system is designed to be customized to your company’s specific needs, making visible only the information that you need and desire to see. We can further optimize this experience by customizing individual access for various departments in your company, allowing for example your purchasing department to monitor only what they need to see (booking up through departure), Receiving department monitoring their focus (Arrival up through delivery) while allowing management to maintain the viewing of the entire shipment process. This customization capability is only one way we help you increase efficiency while ensuring necessary information is always relayed timely.



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How It Works

FCL Cargo: If you are moving a large amount of commercial cargo, utilizing a full container is often the best option. Our company was built on shipping full containerized cargo and our vast experience can help you decide on what size container is needed as well as advise on the documentation requirements necessary to import or export your commercial cargo to the desired destination.

LCL Cargo: If you don't have enough commercial goods to fill your own 20' or 40' container, you can always ship your products as LCL cargo, which means we would load your cargo in a container with other LCL cargo going to the same destination. This allows you to ship your limited amount of cargo more efficiently by a more cost effective means. Just let us know the dimensions of the packaged cargo and the total approximate weight and our pricing team will put together a customized shipping quote and a customized shipping schedule that suits your transportation needs.

FS TRANSPORTS LLC DUBAI has embraced our mission to provide outstanding transportation and logistics services for cargo of any size, moving to any location.



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